Hardy artemisia deal texture, color contrast in gardens


Due to the fact that of their scent, artemisia are good additions to dried arrangements, or they can be utilized to prevent moths. There are 200 to 400 species in the genus Artemisia.

Appearance: Typically grows up to 3 feet tall, although height varies by types. Some blossom, however flowers are insignificant.

The silvery leaves have fascinating patterns and are valued for textural interest and color contrast. This appeal blends nicely with plants flowering in blue, lavender or pink.

Growing: Plant this low-maintenance, easy-to-grow border plant in full sun and offer good drainage. additional hints Do not overwater or overfertilize. Artemisia aren't picky about soil and can stand up to drought conditions, which makes them ideal for our generally dry climate. Artemisia can be planted from spring through early fall, and they should be cut back in early spring, just above the very first noticeable brand-new growth. Be aware that some types spread out strongly by root.

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